1. The first AI-guided decision support system in RT

“Clinical decision support of radiotherapy treatment planning: A data driven machine learning strategy for patient-specific dosimetric decision making
Gilmer Valdes, Charles B. Simone II, Josephine Chen

2. Overview of innovations in Artificial Intelligence for RT

“Artificial intelligence in radiation oncology: A specialty-wide disruptive transformation?
Reid F. Thompson, Gilmer Valdes, Clifton D. Fuller

3. Demonstrated savings of a day of planning for oropharyngeal radiotherapy.

“Implementation and impact of AI decision support software on treatment planning workflow”
Zeke Ramirez, Sue S. Yom, Jason Chan

4. Demonstration of headless adaptive decision support

“Siris Medical: “Headless” adaptive decision support”
Colin Carpenter

5. Improve treatment plans using AI

“Quantifying temporal trends and the impact of advances in radiation planning on heart and lung dose for lung cancer treatment using a machine learning model”
D. S. Bitterman, K. M. Atkins, P. Selesnick

6. Use of AI to manage dental toxicity and counsel patients.

“Predictive dosimetry using machine learning to guide dental management and extractions prior to head and neck radiotherapy”
Jason Chan, N. Hohenstein, V. Kearney

7. Physician uses AI to save planning days and improve plan quality 

“Leveraging Artificial Intelligence (AI) clinical decision support software to improve  treatment plan quality in head and neck cancer patients  ”
Mu-Han Lin, Yang K. Park, and David J. Sher

8. Using AI to lower mean heart dose reducing cardiac events

“Dosimetric tradeoffs of mean heart dose reduction predicted by machine learning-guided decision support software in lung cancer”
K. M. Atkins, D. S. Bitterman, P. Selesnick