The InsightRT™ Software Suite provides AI-powered insights by leveraging single or multi-center historical patient treatment data and expertise to empower the user to more efficiently decide on the best patient plan.

Leverage the power of Artificial Intelligence to guide decisions in:

  • • Treatment Directive
  • • Prescription & Contouring
  • • Adaptive Therapy
  • • Prior Authorization
  • • Treatment Modality Selection
  • • Hypofractionation

The InsightRT™ Software Suite incorporates a continuous learning system to ensure that it is up-to-date and constantly improving. The InsightRT™ Software Suite is comprised of two primary modules, QuickMatch™ and PlanMD™, that can be used independently or together.

Explore dose tradeoffs guided by previous successes to improve treatment and reduce planning time.

Edit contours to instantly assess the impact on treatment.

Just 3 Clicks For Treatment Insights

Streamline workflows and continuously improve planning insights.

InsightRT™ Workflow


insight-rt The InsightRT™ Engine

The Siris AI engine analyzes the treatment delivery technology, patient anatomy, patient medical record and the treatment intent to predict dose outcomes.

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Save Planning Time

  • Instantly explore plan outcomes before treatment planning system (TPS) optimization step
  • Reduce iterations needed to reach a plan
  • Streamline workflow to reduce planning time by 1 full day
  • Reduced planning time of 3-6 hours while achieving equivalent or better quality in lung patients

Improve Plan Quality with an AI-Powered Prediction Engine

  • Instantly access achievable plans from your team’s library
  • Gain instant insights into tradeoffs between dose reductions to critical structures and PTV coverage
  • Demonstrated average dose reduction per organ at risk (OAR), in Head and Neck patients, of nearly 20% for atleast 3 OARs per patient
  • Achieved previously unmet objectives in prostate patients 70% of the time